The offer stage is the most exciting portion of any real estate deal, though for the agents involved, it can mean a lot of paperwork and a potentially difficult conversation with clients. Most offers are not accepted with open arms on both sides of the deal, typically one side of the equation is going to feel like they are leaving something on the table, and the real estate agent often has to diffuse the pressure.

We advise students of our real estate school to use these techniques to control the conversation when talking about an offer or counter to their clients:dreamstime_xxl_60895521

  • Meet on neutral ground – Meeting in a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. greatly reduces the emotional bond clients feel sitting in their current home, this is especially true for sellers. Plus, it is less likely your clients will want to make a scene if things don’t go over well; if it does go well, then you get to enjoy a nice cup of coffee as you discuss the next move!
  • Prepare for any reaction – Before meeting with your client, no matter how sure you are of how they will react, first prepare yourself for the fact that they may be distraught to receive this offer or counteroffer. As a rule of thumb: if your client leaves your sight, assume they could have completely changed their mind from the last time you saw them.
  • Be prepared for next steps – Whether they love you or hate you once you reveal the new offer on the table, have your next course of action ready. If they are excited, channel that excitement to move through the process quickly and effectively, if they are in dismay, then a new plan of attack could be just the thing to salvage the meeting.

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