dreamstime_9458065Obviously, most people pursue a real estate license for the commissions they get from helping buyers and sellers in a client/agent relationship, but there are benefits to a license that go well beyond that. Some of these can save your family and friends thousands of dollars and others are just nice to have around. Some hidden benefits you will enjoy for obtaining your licensing that you may not have thought of include the following:

Saving on a Seller’s Agent

Anyone that has sold a home has seen the gut punch that comes with the “commission” line item. Sellers, almost always, pay both the buyer and seller’s agents commissions, which can be a hefty sum of money. Often, somewhere between 2.5 and 3 percent of the total home’s sale price, you will end up shelling out thousands of dollars for the legal representation and marketing your seller’s agent provides you. Best of all, most people are able to obtain their license for only a few hundred dollars, making your real estate license immediately profitable the first time you sell your own home. Instead, imagine if you could save that fee each and every time you sell a home; the cost efficiency is easy to see.

Helping Your Friends

If you’re kind enough to help your friends with buying and selling their next home, you can actually do both yourself and them a favor. Since the seller pays the agent’s fees, you can choose to waive your commission on the sale of your friend or family member’s home, and instead choose only to profit from the seller-paid-cost of their home purchase. It isn’t often that you can directly save your loved ones thousands of dollars while making thousands of dollars yourself, but this is one of those rare times. Plus, since you know them better than any agent would, you can help to steer them toward a home that will truly fit them.

Access to MLS

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is an exclusive mine of information on available real estate, available only to licensed agents. While this may not seem like a significant perk, it is perhaps the most substantial of all. This gives you unlimited access to listings before they appear online, allowing you to see homes in your area and range far sooner. Additionally, and far more importantly, MLS contains a goldmine of data on a property’s history, including previous listing photos and pricing. Using this information, you could find something that makes a property more or less desirable that wouldn’t have seemed significant to a third-party agent.

Get Started Today

Of course, all of these benefits are in addition to the career and investment opportunities that open up for licensed real estate agents, but are also nearly as alluring. Whether you’re looking to start a business or just save on your home’s sale, get in touch with Star Max Real Estate School, Rancho Cucamonga’s for the very best in licensing education. We’ll happily answer any and all questions you have, and would love to help you with getting your license.