One of the signs of a successful real estate professional is willingness and eagerness for continuing education. You can never know too much in this industry, because no two clients or transactions will ever be the same. Giving yourself a wide base of experience and knowledge to pull from, along with a healthy roster of contacts, is key in preparing for the unexpected and unforeseeable challenges you’ll face down the road. In our previous blog, we discussed a couple simple ideas that can increase your referrals by providing a better service to your clients and contacts: Be readily available and know your area. Today, we will discuss another set of simple tactics you can employ to increase your clients’ opinion of your service.

dreamstime_xxl_7060726Clear Communication

Opening up lines of communication is crucial for many 21st century businesses, so this may seem like a blowoff or over-generalized tip. After all, who can’t benefit from clearer communication? Well, the reality is that the real estate industry is all about communication, and knowing when to communicate specific information can dramatically influence your effectiveness. This applies to just about everything, from improving your personal business, to attracting new clients, improving their opinions of you, and even negotiating them a better deal. After all, saving your client a sum as small as 2,000 dollars over the course of the sale may not seem like much, but it can actually dramatically improve their opinion of you, as well as their likelihood to refer you to someone they know.

Be Your Brand

Branding is a two way street, especially when you are that brand. If you market yourself as an aggressive negotiator, be that. Likewise, if family home sales in the suburbs are your bread-and-butter, then be sure to market yourself in a way that matches that. If, by this point, you are smiling and nodding, or the term marketing in any way makes you self-conscious, then odds are you are not comfortable with your current marketing efforts, or your ability to effectively market yourself in general. Marketing doesn’t necessarily mean running out to buy a billboard with your face on it; in fact, that can actually be a tremendous waste of money if done even slightly wrong. Marketing is basically anything you do to increase awareness of your brand, and can be as simple as calling up past clients, asking how they like their new home, and just simply reminding them to send anyone else looking your way. We think that may be the best marketing tactic for anyone to use, and is probably the least utilized. Think simple, think effective, and think of ways that maximize who you are for your clients, then leverage those things to your advantage. That is marketing.

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