1. Understanding the Real Estate Terms

    Real Estate students often find certain concepts hard to grasp. How many times have you read though a page of your local real estate news, listened to a real estate podcast, or picked up a real estate book and wonder what are they talking about? What is ROI, APR, VOD, VOE, and the remaining alphabets in the alphabet soup. Most people would simply run a google search of these acronyms like VOD. How…Read More

  2. Hidden Benefits to a Real Estate License

    Obviously, most people pursue a real estate license for the commissions they get from helping buyers and sellers in a client/agent relationship, but there are benefits to a license that go well beyond that. Some of these can save your family and friends thousands of dollars and others are just nice to have around. Some hidden benefits you will enjoy for obtaining your licensing that you may not ha…Read More

  3. Tips for a Fresh Real Estate License

    As Rancho Cucamonga‚Äôs premier source for future agents to receive their real estate license, of course we want all of our students to be successful. For many, understanding the ins and outs of what it takes to be truly successful in this industry is left to learn as they go, which is a shame. If you are considering a career in real estate, want to make a living representing buyers and sellers, o…Read More

  4. Learning From Experience, Continuing Education Part 2

    One of the signs of a successful real estate professional is willingness and eagerness for continuing education. You can never know too much in this industry, because no two clients or transactions will ever be the same. Giving yourself a wide base of experience and knowledge to pull from, along with a healthy roster of contacts, is key in preparing for the unexpected and unforeseeable challenges …Read More

  5. Learning From Experience, Continuing Education Part 1

    There are a number of factors that can contribute to your success, or lack thereof, in the competitive real estate community. If you are looking to improve your personal brand, effectiveness, and stay up-to-date on licensing and legalities in the field, then consider our Rancho Cucamonga real estate continuing education programs. We have compiled some advice that can be integral for increasing the…Read More

  6. Realtors: Explaining Offers To Clients

    The offer stage is the most exciting portion of any real estate deal, though for the agents involved, it can mean a lot of paperwork and a potentially difficult conversation with clients. Most offers are not accepted with open arms on both sides of the deal, typically one side of the equation is going to feel like they are leaving something on the table, and the real estate agent often has to diff…Read More

  7. Realtors: Dealing With Difficult Clients

    Every experienced realtor has horror stories of clients that, for whatever reason, were a nightmare to deal with. While many experienced real estate agents can rattle of a list of ways to identify and avoid clients that may be potentially difficult, perhaps the best thing to do is to instead adjust your approach to diffuse difficult situations and position yourself as a trustworthy, patient expert…Read More

  8. 3 Ways To Increase Your Real Estate Cash Flow

    Whether you are a real estate agent, a seasoned property investor, or someone just starting down the road of property-based profits, you have one goal in mind: increasing revenue by maximizing opportunities. At Star Max Real Estate School we teach our Rancho Cucamonga real estate license students everything they need to know to avoid legal issues in this profession, as well as how to make this car…Read More

  9. Online Real Estate License Benefits, Part 2

    In our previous blog, Online Real Estate License Benefits, Part 1, we explored how pursuing an online real estate license or renewal with our school can actually save the student money. Today, we will explore another key benefit of online real estate classes that our Rancho Cucamonga students enjoy: flexibility. Real estate students tend to require flexibility Many of our students are unconvention…Read More

  10. Online Real Estate License Benefits, Part 1

    With online schooling becoming increasingly popular at all levels of education, it is no wonder that real estate licensing is no exception. As soon as online real estate licensing emerged, there was an immediately strong interest in increased online offerings for schools across the country. There are numerous benefits associated with online schooling that heavily benefit those pursuing a real esta…Read More