Real Estate students often find certain concepts hard to grasp. How many times have you read though a page of your local real estate news, listened to a real estate podcast, or picked up a real estate book and wonder what are they talking about? What is ROI, APR, VOD, VOE, and the remaining alphabets in the alphabet soup. Most people would simply run a google search of these acronyms like VOD. However, when you google VOD, what do you get? A whole list of companies on the stock exchange, and Video On Demand.  Like most people, we believe in simplicity and getting the right information to the right people. We do not believe students should be thrown into the dark and have to rely on Google to pass a course.

Building a Strong Foundation

We believe that Real Estate concepts and terms are important; most students who PASS their Real Estate Exam the first time have a clear understanding of these terms. However, with our day and age of technology, it is hard to sit down and really spend two, three, four hours trying to memorize terms without distractions. We believe in simplicity because why make it complex when there is a simpler solution. We believe in keeping it easy and concise for our students, and that it shouldn’t take five minutes to understand one concept.  Our goal have our students to spend about 30 minutes a day and fully grasp 30 different terms/concepts.  One of the most important factors in determining if you pass or fail your exam is the understanding of the basic terms that make up your test questions and answers.

Education Simplified

Often times, we would get emails from students asking us questions such as,”How does one take title and what is a grant deed?” “What exactly is community property?” We would ask them to locate the key terms in each questions and look in their notes to find the definition of those terms. However, often times students still have trouble understanding the term with the definitions in front of them because the definitions are convoluted. To really have  a complete understanding of the key terms professionals use on a day to day basis, students need to use these terms,  hear these terms, and see these terms on a day to day basis. Not only do we understand the importance of understanding real estate terms, but also how repetitive and boring memorizing them may be! However, in order to pass your Real Estate exam, it is absolutely necessary that you understand these commonly used terms. The fundamentals cannot be ignored and the necessities of building a strong foundation is vital to your pass rate. Therefore, we are developing simple ten to fifteen minute videos filled with these terms to help anyone interested in Real Estate. Gone are the days of memorizing glossary terms for hours and hours. These videos contain a concise and simple definition with some visual and real-life examples. It has not been easier to learn; increasing your Real Estate vocabulary today and learning the basic terms Real Estate Professionals use is important to succeed and stay successful in this industry.