There are a number of factors that can contribute to your success, or lack thereof, in the competitive real estate community. If you are looking to improve your personal brand, effectiveness, and stay up-to-date on licensing and legalities in the field, then consider our Rancho Cucamonga real estate continuing education programs. We have compiled some advice that can be integral for increasing the satisfaction of your clients, and with it, grow your business through referrals and efficient, smooth transactions. Here are a few keys to success in the industry that you may not have learned in licensing class:

dreamstime_xxl_20705454Be Available

Many people may think this is strange; after all, aren’t you usually always available? In our experience, this is not necessarily true. For instance, listing agents will need to be in contact with their clients a number of times throughout the buying or selling process, and it can be very stress-inducing for clients to not be able to get ahold of you right away. Think about it: without their agent, clients can do very little to move forward in the process. Odds are you are the one handling appointments with inspections, appraisals, tours, and meetings of all sorts. If they have a question or concern about anything, it pretty much has to go through you. Not to mention that people who are not your clients frequently need to get ahold of you for time sensitive information, be it another agent, prospective clients, or a third-party service. We’ve found that one of the largest differences between successful people in this industry and everyone else is very often correlated to their ability to quickly respond to calls and emails.

Know Your Area

You are the expert. Remember this above all else: you are the expert. Your clients are trusting you to steer them in the right direction and show them areas that will work for their needs. No matter what side of the buying equation you are on, clients trust you to be well-versed in what differentiates neighborhoods, which neighborhoods are trending upward or downward, and ultimately advising them on what will work for their personal needs. If, for whatever reason, you ever find yourself outside of your area of expertise, do yourself a favor and do not try to wing it. If your clients consider you the expert, then do not betray their trust by attempting to fill in the gaps in your knowledge on the spot. It’s okay to not know, and it’s okay to get back to them on it or find out from a contact. Resources are what make you the expert; it’s not all simply knowledge. Use everything you can to guide your clients correctly, and you will be rewarded with referrals from raving fans.

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