In our previous blog, Online Real Estate License Benefits, Part 1, we explored how pursuing an online real estate license or renewal with our school can actually save the student money. Today, we will explore another key benefit of online real estate classes that our Rancho Cucamonga students enjoy: flexibility.

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Many of our students are unconventional, in a variety of ways. Since real estate is a profession that does not require a 4 year degree, many of our students suffer from test or classroom-based anxiety; these students enjoy a career that requires intelligence, but does not require lengthy, stressful schooling. Other students are parents, working professionals, or those who simply want to work toward a career change without committing to specific blocks of time for classes. All of these students benefit from the flexibility offered by our online licensing, renewal, and continuing education classes.

If you feel that flexibility is necessary with your schedule, then consider these benefits of flexible online licensing classes:

  • Keep your current job – Most of our students are working professionals, and many work odd hours. Whether you work 9 to 5, overnights, or days at a time, the flexibility of online classes will help you keep your current job while you attend school.
  • Time at home – Our students are busy, and time at home is limited. Online classes remove the need for travel time entirely, giving you more time at home.
  • Forget the babysitter – While you may not want to lose your babysitter’s number entirely, online classes will make you far less reliant upon them. This saves you time, keeps you close to the family, and prevents you from missing class due to a lack of child sitting.
  • Flexible career, flexible school – One of the best thing about real estate as a profession is the flexibility it offers; it only follows that a real estate school should be equally as flexible for real estate licensing students.

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Whether you are looking to renew your current license, continue your education, or begin pre-licensing classes for the first time, consider the Star Max Real Estate School online curriculum, and enjoy the flexibility you need for your busy schedule. Contact us today for more information on our online pre-license or renewal courses today!