dreamstime_17643623As Rancho Cucamonga’s premier source for future agents to receive their real estate license, of course we want all of our students to be successful. For many, understanding the ins and outs of what it takes to be truly successful in this industry is left to learn as they go, which is a shame. If you are considering a career in real estate, want to make a living representing buyers and sellers, or are even just looking to grow a struggling or part-time real estate business, then check out these simple tips.

Keep Your Name Out There

The only way you’re going to be successful in this industry is with a large amount of contacts or an even larger amount of luck. If you, like us, believe that luck is something you have to create for yourself, then it is crucial that you network at every given chance. Strike up conversations with folks whenever you see a chance, let them know you do real estate, and always have a crisp card to give them. This seems obvious enough, but the real tip here is how and when to meet people. If you aren’t already, then you should immediately begin the following:

Go out and meet people.

Attend any and all available industry parties, galas, and home development open houses. Everyone at these events is worth knowing the name of, and having know your name; whether they be interested buyers (!), surrounding industry contacts, building managers, or even competitor agents, it is always worth the chance to grow your email contact list.

Contact them first.

Whenever someone says they will contact you, take the initiative to get their contact information instead. Say you have some more information to share with them, that you want to  save them the trouble, or anything else that feels natural at the time. Waiting for them to reach out to you is as good as throwing the lead into the wind and hoping it ends up at your doorstep.

Improve your marketing.

No matter how great your strategy, website, signage, and even current business is, your marketing could always be better. Even just improving your professional portrait can have dramatic results on the number of clients that come to you.

Reach back out to anyone you worked with in the past.

If you help someone buy or sell their home, be sure to circle back at least once to see how they’re doing, ask if they enjoyed your service, and, of course, be sure to see if they know anyone that may need an agent. If you did a great job, odds are they will refer you to a friend and look you up when it comes time for their next home.

Timeless Education

Regardless of your stature as an agent, or lack thereof, keep these tips in mind as you grow in this business. From marketing to knowing how to capture someone’s contact information, the slightest change in your strategy can be the difference between sitting at home and working a sale. If you haven’t gotten your real estate license yet, be sure to contact Star Max Real Estate School, Rancho Cucamonga’s premier option for licensing education.